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     The earths atmosphere is 78% nitrogen by volume, but plants cannot utilize the colorless, odorless nitrogen gas.

     Many bacteria that can convert this atmospheric nitrogen are symbiotic and only work with specific plants.   These organisms are useless for other crops, or require loss of time and money with crop rotations.

     Paenibacillus polymyxa is a bacillus like bacteria that can convert, or “fix”, the atmospheric nitrogen, N2, into ammonia, NH3, increasing the available nitrogen to the plant, and converted into other nitrogen compounds through the standard nitrogen cycle.  This organism is not limited to root nodules, and can grow in free soil (non-symbiotic).

     Slow, continuous ammonia production optimizes the available nitrogen to the plant, reduces stress on plants, reduces costs, and prevents the negative effects of over fertilizing.    Most importantly, this ammonia production is not synthetic, not dependent on petrochemicals, and can be used by organic farmers.

     Paenibacillus polymyxa is now commercially available to both conventional and organic farmers, in small, convenient liquid packaging under the brand name Custom N2.

     Soil Nitrogen can be increased with Custom N2!

     Custom N2 is also included in Biota Max™ soil probiotic.  BiotaMax contains 4 strains of trichoderma fungi, 5 strains of bacillus bacteria and Paenibacillus polymyxa.  Biota Max™ is available in a convenient tablet form.    To purchase, or for more information, please visit!

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